Illusion WoW Server

Fun server 1-255lvl


Beta version start February 20th

The official opening will be on

February 29, 2024


Server information:



*Custom Start Zones Alliance & Horde

*Custom Illusion Mall

*Custom Transmog Mall

*Custom Bot Mall

*Custom VIP Mall

*Custom Donor Mall

*Custom Quest Zone

*Custom Fun Zone

*Custom Casino Zone 20%Chanse

*Custom Dungeons & Raids

*Custom Farm Zones

*Custom World Bosses

*Custom Event Zones

*Custom War Zone

-Custom Weapons, Items and off sets

-Custom Bot Weapons, Items and off sets

-Arena 1v1

-AoE Looting

(AoE Looting is disabled when in party!)

-PvP Rank & Title System 


-Solo LFG


-Skip DK

-Custom Player Bots

-Crossfaction Battlegrounds

-Custom Speed Attack

-Custom Speed Game

-Auction House Bot

-Start Gear Weapons & Items

-Bot Gear Weapon & Items

-Racial Trail Swap




-Over 5000 Items for Transmog


-Top PvP Players

-Change Rates XP

-Loot Informacion Npc

-Vote Rewards

-Donation Rewards

-Custom Security system

-Custom Anti Multiboxing system

-Custom Anti Cheat System

-Double XP Every Weekend

-All Profession

-Play Time Reward

(You get a reward for every one hour of played time.)

-Global Trainer

-Custom World Chat

-Custom VIP Chat

-Custom Game Commands

-Custom VIP Commands

And more...