Welcome to Illusion WoW Server! The World of Illusion

Illusion wow - Wow private server

Server Commands

Custom In-Game Commands:

.chat   World chat in game. /say .chat and message.

(If it's easier for you, use  #chat on/off)

#mall Teleport to the mall

#quest  Teleport to quest zone

#Bot   Teleport to Bot zone

#Transmog  Teleport to Transmog mall

#Casino Teleport to Casino zone

#shop   Teleport to Shop zone

#fun   Teleport to Illusion fun zone

.buff Get custom buffs

.resetid Reset instances

.guild create

(Example: .guild create "Guild name" "Player name")

.repairall Repair all items

.bank Open bank



.learn all talents 

.instance unbind 




VIP Commands:

#buff -Get unique buffs

#chat on/off -Use your in-game VIP chat

say /g #life -Use Revive

(To use this command you must have VIP Donor Teleport Stone on you and must be in a guild to use /g #life!)