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Bot Information

Information about bots


Each bot can be found in the bot area.

Each bot can use items and weapons designed for it.

Bots can be controlled with commands or by right-clicking on them.

When you remove the bot or it disappears, its items are sent to your bag or mail.


Bots are allowed for:

Dungeons, Raids, BG, and Arena.

When you want to use a bot for dungeon, BG, arena or raid, right click on it and create a group.


Each player is limited to one bot in the game.


Attention! If you haven't logged into the game for a very long time, the bots will automatically return to the bot area and will look for their new owner!


Use the #bot command to go to the bot mall.


To make it easier for you, use the bot menu by right-clicking on the bot itself or use the commands in the chat!


Chat commands:


.npcbot command follow

.npcbot command standstill

.npcbot command stopfully

.npcbot command walk

.npcbot distance

.npcbot hide

.npcbot info

.npcbot kill

.npcbot order

.npcbot recall

.npcbot show